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World’s Longest and Highest Glass Bridge In China Is Awesome and Scary


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It would not be long before the highest and longest glass bridge in the world is available to cross for the masses. Located over the Tianmenshan National Forest Park, China, the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge has actually inspired the idea of floating Hallelujah mountains in the movie, Avatar. You might be wondering why they chose glass as the material to construct the bridge with. Well, it is an attempt to limit the impact on the surrounding views. 985 feet above the ground and spanning 1,400 feet in length, the bridge has a glass sky-walk measuring 20 feet across.

Glass bridge

The glass bridge sports more than 70 glass balls in an attempt to prevent vibrations that can seriously harm the structure of the bridge. Wan Tian Bao is the Chief Engineer for the project who claims that each of these glass balls weighs more than 1,650 pounds. If you were beginning to fear for your safety, rest assured that more than one hundred safety tests have been performed in order to make sure that the bridge can withstand the weight of a minimum of 800 people. If this hasn’t already given you vertigo, you might appreciate the fact that the glass bridge sports three of the highest swings in the world.

Joe Chen is the Vice General Manager of the company who claims that one of these giant swings spans up to 170 meters. All those who visit will have the luxury of enjoying the scenes, perhaps coupled with a panic attack. While the glass bridge is expected to be opened to public later this year, an official date for the opening is still pending. Fair warning, it has been delayed on multiple occasions in the past.

Source: [South China Morning Post]

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