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Wrapping Food In Aluminium Foil Before Cooking Can Be Bad For Your Health


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Since its invention, the use of Aluminium foil has been increasing by the day. From restaurants to homes, it is not only used to keep food warm but also used to prepare food in the oven. A new research conducted by Ghada Bassioni – Associated Professor and Head of the Chemistry Department at Ain Shams University – has discovered that cooking food that’s wrapped in Aluminium foil can cause serious health problems.

aluminium foil baking, wrapping food in Aluminium Foil is bad for health

Metals in high concentration can be bad for one’s health and Aluminium is no exception. According to the World Health Organization, 40 milligram per kilogram of the body weight per day is the safe limit for the daily intake of Aluminium. That around 2400 milligram for a person who weighs 60 kg. Several studies have shed light on the adverse effects of Aluminium.

A study has linked Aluminium to reducing the growth rate of human brain cells. Another study found Aluminium can have adverse effects for those who have renal impairment or some kind of bone disease. Scientists also believe that high intake of Aluminium may be one of the many causes of Alzheimer’s.

This is a cause for concern because Aluminium is present in a lot of common food items such as yellow cheese, salt, herbs, tea, corn and spices. Antiperspirants and antacids also have Aluminium in them. In addition, Aluminium Sulfate, an Aluminium compound is used as a coagulant for the purification of drinking water. Because of the abundance of Aluminum in products of everyday consumption, most people’s daily intake of Aluminum is way over the recommended safe limit.

Avoid Aluminium foil when cooking

When the food that’s wrapped in Aluminium foil is cooked or baked, Aluminium can leach into the food. The amount that leeches into food during the process takes the total daily intake level above the safe limit set by the World Health Organization. Bassioni’s research also shows that more quantity of Aluminium can leech into food items which are spicy, acidic or consist of a liquid solution.

Ghada Bassioni’s research suggest that aluminium foil should not be used for cooking. Instead, she recommends using glassware and porcelain utensils when preparing baked dishes.

You can listen to Ghada Bassioni explaining her research in the video above.

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