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India Has Just Unveiled The World’s Largest Solar Power Plant


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India is growing very fast in terms of technology. It sent up a rocket to orbit Mars, 3 of the world’s top companies have Indians as their CEOs (Microsoft, Google, PepsiCo) and the city of Bangalore is referred to as the Silicon Valley of India and the “Silicon Plateau”. Now Indians can proudly add to that, the largest solar power plant in the world.

The facility is based in Kamuthi, Tamil Nadu and can generate 648 MW of power, taking the title of the largest solar power plant in the world from California’s Topaz Solar Farm which generates 550 MW of power. The plant was funded by the Adani group and is cleaned everyday by robots powered by the solar power plant itself. The facility can produce enough power on its own for 150,000 homes.

The project consists of 2.5 million solar modules and costs $679 million to build. The power plant has pushed India past the 10 GW mark in terms of power production (according to a research firm called Bridge to India), making it one of the handful of countries that can make that claim.

India is all set to become the world’s third largest solar market after the US and China next year. However, the ambitious goals set by its government have to be met with incredible speed and ingenuity. India wants to power 60 million homes with solar power by 2022 and wants to produce 40% of its power from resources other than fossil fuels by 2030.

The aim is ambitious but much needed in light of New Delhi’s recent smog problem. India’s national capital, New Delhi, is the most polluted city in the world and experienced an especially acute smog problem around the festival of Diwali last month. Pollution levels were cited to be the highest in 17 years.

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