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Woman Meets Man With Her Dead Brother’s Transplanted Face


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It was only natural for Rebekah Aversano to not expect to see her brother again in her life after he was killed three years back. It may sound as awkward as events depicted in the movie Face Off that Aversano saw the face of her brother on a different person. 60 Minutes Australia was present to capture her reactions on film. In actuality, Rebekah was meeting Richard Norris who had received this new face following a state of the art transplant surgery.

Richard Norris had his face disfigured in an accident involving a shotgun about 15 years back. This led to the loss of his nose, jaws and lips. It is understandable that Norris was extremely depressed and even suicidal after the incident and underwent several surgeries that only had restricted success. He mentioned that he was secluded for the most part after that accident and would go shopping late at night when less people would be around.

60 Minutes Australia

Things changed for him when the Aversano family decided to donate the face of Joshua, Rebekah’s brother. Following a complex face transplant that lasted 36 hours, the surgeons managed to replace his nose, teeth, tongue, jaws, underlying tissue along with his skin. Norris believes that this gives him a chance at starting a new life. Aversano touched the new face and was taken aback, saying this was the face she grew up with. Even Joshua’s mother was full of surprise but accepted that this was the right thing to do.

All in all, the Aversano family is glad to have helped Richard Norris. While it is true that the surgery brought back some sensation to Norris’s face, he is still not able to drink or get sunburned. Norris is still required to report back to doctors and therapists on a regular basis. A cocktail of anti rejection drugs at his place will ensure that he progresses well during his healing process. You may treat yourself to the emotional encounter with the Aversano family in the video below.

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