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Wi-Fi Passwords Of The World’s Airports In One Brilliant Map


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You know those times when you arrive too early for a flight because you though the traffic was going to be too heavy? And then you get your boarding pass and just wait for what seems like an eternity in the lounge. That sucks. Because you rarely have something to kill the time. You can watch some TV which is boring, or you could order something off the cafetaria but all that food is too expensive, they over charge for everything. So then you pull out your smartphone or laptop or tablet and go for the free wifi. But then you realize there’s a password.

What if you could bypass that password every time because you actually have it? Guess what? Travel blogger and computer security engineer Anil Polat has drawn up an interactive map for travelers and frequent flyers to get the passwords of airports around the world.

Now of course this map isn’t going to contain every single airport in the world so there are some drawbacks but for most of the western world and first world nations as well as developing nations. You can browse the map here.

The map is also regularly updated according to Polat, so you needn’t be afraid that the password you have is false.

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