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Why Too Much Facebook Can Make You Feel Depressed


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In the 1950s, Leon Festinger; Psychologist; presented a social comparison theory. He proposed that individuals have a tendency to compare their lives with each other. They do this to feel better about themselves, but it can also backfire. Whenever you see some one less fortunate you might feel sorrow but you always feel a little relief or joy that you aren’t in that person’s shoes. In much the same way you also feel a tinge of sorrow when some one is much better off in any field of life. It’s human nature. And it’s only intensified by Facebook.


Recently a study was conducted in collaboration with the University of Houston and the University of Palo Alto regarding this phenomenon. It surveyed 98 men and 236 women who were in their twenties. They were the subjects of two experiments. One conducted across one day and the other across 14 days. On average, both genders reported increased bouts of depression when they increasingly used Facebook.

The social comparisons were primarily getting them down. Consider the scenario that you didn’t go to a party and that you really regret it. Then people start posting pictures on facebook and you feel worse. It’s not the most implausible thing.

Lives on Facebook are all filtered. Which is why we always see the good parts of everyone’s lives. There are problems in everyone’s lives and facebook hides that. So if too much of it is getting you down. Just take a break and put down the computer.

[Source: The Conversation]

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