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Here’s An Awesome Reason Why Pen Caps Have Holes On Top


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There are times when science plays with our minds. Take, for instance, the idea that the universe is a massive hologram. Or the thought that people may have as much free will as they perceive. These are some of the most interesting ideas for sure. However, you will always notice tech apps which are simple but really essential. This goes to show how important innovation is. The hole on top of the BIC pen cap is an example.


You may not have thought about it much or even if you did, that thought would have seized as you acknowledged that it lets you properly shut the lid with no air pressure problems. Truth is that the hole also reduces the risk of death by choking. Many people are in a habit of chewing on pen lids which can cause them to be accidentally swallowed only to cause choking deaths. With a larger hole on the lid’s tip, the air flow is increased and the likelihood of people breathing it in is significantly minimized.

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The official website of pen company BIC acknowledges that it assists in keeping the pen from leaking and also reduces the likelihood of children inhaling the caps of these pens. This is an attempt to conform with the international safety standards. The website goes on to mention that the little hole on the top is meant to conform with the current standards of safety as well. The fact of the matter is that nearly a hundred people in the U.S. die due to choking on pen lids.

If this is still not enough for you to appreciate how essential this incorporation of technology is in our daily lives, spare a thought for the breather hole in windows of airplanes. This manages the tension between external and internal pressure of an airplane. Thanks, science.

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