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Why Is There An Extra Shoelace Hole On Your Sneakers? The Great Mystery Solved!


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Ever wondered why is there an extra shoelace hole? Well, the mystery has been solved.

Some things just seem useless when you come across them. There’s the appendix in the human body, the numbers at the bottom of cheques and about 98% of the code in DNA, but all those things have important uses. And so do the holes at the edge of your shoes.

Harry Pino, senior exercise physiologist at the Performance Center at NYU Langone’s Center for Musculoskeletal Care, says that the lace lock helps give more support around the ankle and hence takes the pressure off the top of your foot. This improves performance and stops blisters from appearing due to pressure. 


See those holes?


Slip the laces over and in to the holes at the edge.


Tie a knot.


Pull it tight.


Tie the general knot.


And strap yourself in.


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1 Comment to Why Is There An Extra Shoelace Hole On Your Sneakers? The Great Mystery Solved!

  1. Eddy L Smith

    There seems to be a fundamental flaw in this as shown. That shoe string will rub and possibly cut away the skin at the Achilles tendon.

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