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Here’s Why Mark Zuckerberg Covers His Laptop Camera With Tape


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CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg recently shared a picture of himself in order to celebrate the growth of Instagram to 500 million users. This is approximately 3 quarters of Europe’s population. Make no mistake, Instagram is extremely famous. It seems like some hawk eyed folks have spotted something a little weird in the selfie shot by the billionaire.

Mark Zuckerberg, Zuckerberg Put Tape Over his laptop

People noticed that Zuckerberg had put some tape over the laptop. In addition, the microphone of the laptop seems to have been taped as well. Gizmodo reported that Zuckerberg had previously shared videos as well as pictures of himself working by the same desk. This raises the question as to why the billionaire committed this act.

It turns out that the director of FBI does the same since hackers tend to hack computers only to hack their webcam. Director James Comey is reported to have said that absolute privacy gets in the way of the ability of FBI to carry out its investigation. This means that people must agree to a certain extent of surveillance in an attempt to be safeguarded by the state. Ironically, he admitted that he felt uncomfortable at the thought of being watched which is why he covered up his webcam.

This raises the million dollar question: do I need to cover up my webcam or even my microphone for that matter? Truth be told, it is totally upto you as to how you approach this scenario. Ofcourse, it is not a nice feeling to do this when you know there is a chance of someone actually peeking into your life. In actuality, the likelihood of this happening is relatively low but you would hardly ever notice even if it did happen.

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