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The Colour Of This Handbag Brings Back The Blue-Black, White-Gold Debate


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Remember in 2015 how the colour of a dress divided the internet? It was a fun little experiment that spawned a lot of memes and bred a lot of friendly arguments but it died down like most memes do. Now, it’s back in the form of a bag. Taylor Corso(@whyofcorso) tweeted a picture of a handbag and someone tweeted, “White. Daring”. She replied that it was white. Let the twitter war begin.

First things first. The bag is actually blue. The colour distortion is a matter of perception and perspective. Your screen or the angle at which you’re viewing it could be affecting it. There’s also something called colour constancy that could be causing the discrepancy. That’s an effect on your colour perception due to the surroundings. For instance something may appear white if there are tons of black things around it and it actually might be grey.

There’s a silver lining to all this silly bickering though. Corso has pinned a tweet to a link to raise funds for research into Type 1 diabetes. Check it out here.

The 2015 dress debate caused a lot of ruckus around the internet. Even I had an argument with my roommate over it. And I heard a lot of kids down the hall in my hostel arguing over it.

White and gold, white and gold dress The Colour Of This Handbag Brings Back The Blue-Black, White-Gold Debate

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