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What Happens To The Half-Used Shampoo and Soap In Hotels?


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The hotel business is booming in large cities all over the world. Employment today increasingly requires travel and with it comes the excessive use of toiletries in the hotels. Little bars of soap, shampoo sachets and bottles are all being used little by little. But you never find a half filled bottle inside a hotel, it’s always full, so where does all that go?

At first it seems to be a humongous waste, taking all of those bottle that are only slightly used to the trash heap but it’s also very uneconomical, which is something businesses, especially big businesses like hotels won’t stand for. Well it turns out, hotel chains are partnered with an initiative called Clean the World. It specifically targets partially used hygiene products that are liable to end up in land fills.

There are special bins that go to the Clean the World initiative and form there they take up the job. The shampoo bottles and soap bars are either reused and repackaged or melted down, reformed depending on the level of use they’ve gone through and sent to poor countries.

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