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What Happens Inside The Engine Of A Formula 1 Car Is Truly Fascinating


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You may own a car but you may have never thought about what goes inside its engine. If you do have an interest in cars then you probably know that the internal combustion engine has been powering the cars for more than a century now. What you may not know is that the internal combustion engine or ICE has undergone several improvements to squeeze out more performance from the same old design.

These improvements (like turbo charging etc.) are what allow the Formula 1 racing cars to reach breakneck speeds. How that is done is explained by the tag team of Jimmy de Ville, an engineer, and Greg Foot, a science presenter in the brilliant video below. As you can see, the turbo charger makes a ton of difference to increase the explosive forces that literally drive an engine.

The experiment performed by Foot and de Ville is not only entertaining but one can learn a lot about the physics that goes inside the engine of the car. However, those two have the proper equipment to demonstrate the laws of physics and the brilliant engineering that’s part of an engine. So, this is something that you shouldn’t really try at home.

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