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What Happens If You Pour Molten Aluminium Into A Watermelon


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Youtuber Backyard Scientist conducted an interesting experiment recently, one which produced unexpected results. In other words, it was the best kind of experiment a scientist can hope for.

He just wanted to see what would happen to a watermelon when molten Aluminium was poured into it. He anticipated that it would explode, which is why he wore welding gear, complete with an apron, gloves and a welding helmet. But what happened completely shocked him.

The experiment was simple, he punched a hole in a watermelon and heated the Aluminium in his propane fueled foundry. When he poured the metal in to the fruit, it didn’t explode, the aluminium jumped out of the hole and fell on the ground (which was lit on fire). This was a result of the aluminium reacting with the water inside the fruit.

After that the coolest thing happened. When the watermelon was cut open, it turned out that the aluminium had crept into it’s crevices and pockets of the seed chambers and wrapped itself around the seeds. It had formed a whole sculpture of the inside of a watermelon. It smelled horrible though.

Upon repeating the experiment, the same thing happened and another, larger sculpture formed.

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