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This Math Question Meant For 10-year-olds Is Baffling The Internet


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A 10 year old in the United Kingdom got math homework that required the kid to calculate the perimeter of the composite rectilinear shapes. Puzzled by the complexity of the question, the kid approached his father who was just as stumped by the kind of question his son was asked to contend with. Just so you know, the kid’s dad has qualifications in economics and mathematics.

Math, viral math question for kids

The kid’s dad posted the question on his Facebook, hoping to get his friends to solve the problem. It is no surprise that merely a bunch of people have been able to answer it correctly. The father of the kid claims to have spent about an hour in an attempt to find a solution but to no avail. He went so far as to send the question to a friend who had a first class degree in economics but he was just as baffled.

Math problem, viral math question for kids

Amidst all this confusion, a few folks found the right answer, that is 44 to both questions. The second one is especially baffling since it needs more steps. Moreover, it is unclear which side the 2cm dimension is alluding to. Regardless of whether you worked it out or not, this is a tough nut to crack for a 10 year old.

[Source: Manchester Evening News]

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  1. My class of year 5s could do this pretty easily and would then label the other rectangle with different measurements that equal 44cm.

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