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Watch: This Awesome Video Explains The Entire Universe In Just 4 Minutes


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The proportions of the universe are monumental and knowing how everything works can take a lot of effort. But if it just some basic knowledge about the universe that you seek then you can accomplish that within just 4 minutes. Thanks to the amazing video (below) created by exurb1a, you can have some understanding of what goes on in the universe.

The video starts by talking about the smallest thing that we can conceive (Planck Length, if you are wondering) and goes on to the biggest thing that we know of: the observable universe. But there are a few stops along the way. The video talks about neutrinos, quarks, atoms and so on.

Then a little down the line comes life that thrives on our planet. Then there’s the solar system, Milky Way and other galaxies that exist in the vastness of our universe.

Understanding science can be tough but not if it is explained as simply and wonderfully as it has been done here.

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