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For The Very First Time, A US College Had More Female Engineers Than Men


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Homemakers? Child bearers? No – Engineers!

Yes, you read it right. The following statistic will blow your mind and probably make you question everything in life but come on, we all saw it coming. Recently, one of the finest Ivy League Schools, Dartmouth College, handed out 54% of its engineering degrees to female students. This is impressive progress because it wasn’t too long ago when only a quarter of Dartmouth’s engineering graduates were females.

US College Had More Female Engineers Than Men

The Dean of Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth, Joseph Helble, took pride in this accomplishment and attributed it not only to the recruitment of female role models in engineering, he also mentioned how they have structured the courses in such a way that eliminates specialties.

Joseph changed his approach because he believes that the male domination in fields like mechanical and electrical engineering can be demotivating for many females. And even if many are skeptical of his novel ideas, research proves that a minority is likely to keep to themselves rather than participating which brings us back to the fact that we should help mitigate these barriers which prevent people from partaking.

If this wasn’t enough to break the stereotype, the college also encourages teaching engineering as one stream, instead of adopting specific teaching methodologies for specific types of engineering. This way, the students are not confined to a specific field, rather, this freedom inspires them to add a bit of creativity to their engineering skills. Thus, we can finally say that thanks to the faculty at Dartmouth, the evolution of engineering has finally begun.

Luckily, we live in a highly competitive world due to which many other colleges and universities across the US, and hopefully around the globe, will try to beat this record – making the situation all the better for women!

So be prepared to witness the greatest change of all time, as you will now see women not only taking care of your home but building that very place as well.

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