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Tiny Dolphin Dies On Beach After Being Passed Around On Beach For Selfies


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Selfies have clearly become very popular in this day and age. Sadly, the craziness with selfies has led to a life going to waste. A tiny dolphin at a resort called Santa Teresita reportedly died as a bunch of people took it out of the water only to pose with the animal to take selfies. Pictures from Argentina explicitly demonstrate the group swarming the poor animal.

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Vida Silvestre Foundation released a statement online which said that that dolphin died, most probably due to dehydration. Just so you know, dolphins sport a layer of fat and thick layer of skin that is greasy in nature. This helps insulate the dolphins as they swim in cool water. Though, when the days are hot they are able to overheat and lead to dolphins suffering from dehydration. The dolphin was believed to beFranciscana – also known as the Plata dolphin, this animal spanned about 4.9 feet.

These animals are usually situated in Atlantic waters which fall to the east of South America. In addition, it is known as the smallest dolphins in the world. Unfortunately, they are also very rare which explains why they are recognized as ‘vulnerable’ species by the International Union for Conversation of Nature. Needless to say, it’s better to sacrifice your chance to take a selfie than sacrificing a precious life.

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