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Forty Dead Tiger Cub Bodies Found In Thai Tiger Temple’s Freezer


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Further fueling is suspects a Thai temple tourist trap for being part of Wildlife trafficking after the concerned authorities found about 40 deceased cubs in the temple’s freezer. Past Monday, the Wildlife officials and the Thai police started to raid the Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua Temple located in the province of Kanchanaburi. While the authorities were attempting to remove 137 endangered tigers from the place, they stumbled upon carcasses of forty cubs. That is not all; they even found the body of a protected species called Binturong aka bearcat.

Tigers, Cub Bodies Found In Thai Tiger Temple

Police authorities reported that the cubs were hardly aged one or two days at the time of death. Though, it is tough to say how long they had been dead. While the temple has been threatened with multiple criminal complaints, it continues to deny all allegations about it having participated in animal abuse or animal trafficking on the black market. The Tiger Temple Thailand shared a statement on its Facebook page stating that cubs die for multiple reasons, most of which revolve around the lack of a mother’s care.

Interestingly, dead cubs used to be cremated according to Buddhist tradition. However, this policy was altered back in 2010 by ex-vet of Tiger Temple. As a result of this change, the dead cubs were frozen and stored in jars. Still, the concerned authorities fear that there may be reason to be believe that something fishy is going on. Deputy Director General of Department of National Parks Adisorn Nuchdamrong mentioned that the 40 cubs must have significant value which is why the temple decided to preserve them.

While tiger parts such as blood, organs, flesh and whiskers are used to manufacture medicine, it is still unclear why the temple preserved them. It is interesting to note that this tourist attraction still makes about $3 million each year. Though, images of the temple on social media now demonstrate the sad truth following a viral #tigertemple campaign.

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