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This Vending Machine Sold T-Shirts For Only 2 Euros, But Nobody Wanted To Buy Them. Here’s Why


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The Fashion Revolution is a small non-profit initiative that began after the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory complex in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 24th April, 2013.

The magnitude of the incident brought together individuals that vowed to bring about a revolution in fashion; to change the way people look at clothing around the world so that when they buy anything, they know where it came from.

On the 24th of April 2015 (the second anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapse), Fashion Revolution placed a vending machine in Berlin that sold 2 Euro T-shirts. It asked you to deposit the money and then, before you got the T-shirt, the machine displayed the photographs of the unfortunate workers that had made the T-shirts.

Naturally the people standing there were appalled. Little girls, old women, people who worked 16 hour shifts just to make ends meet stared them in the face. And then they were asked to make a decision.

To buy the T-shirt or to donate to the cause of eliminating poverty and eliminating the exploitation of labour. Most decided to donate. The Fashion Revolution also carried out the exercise of wearing clothes inside out, to display the tags and labels that showed where the clothes were made.

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