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This Physicist Shoots Himself To Prove A Point About Water, And Science Saved His Life


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Some of you might know a Norwegian physician by the name Andreas Wahl who jumped from the side of building in an attempt to show centripetal force in motion. It seems like he has returned with one more lethal experiment whereby he shot himself with a gun underwater. He relied on the fluid resistance to save his life, and it did happen.


You might be wondering that it must be terrifying, and it is. The look on Wahl’s face is a testimony of this very fact. It goes without saying that this is not to be tried at home. Wahl had a whole safety team around him to assist him in case he required any help. The question is, how does the bullet not hit Wahl when it hits him smack dab in the stomach? The simple answer to the question is that fluid resistance which is higher in water saved his life.

The concept behind resistance is that of density. Water is actually a lot denser compared to air. As a result of this, it exerts much more force than air. It is this force that keeps any thing under the water from traveling as fast as it would in the air. NRK Viten is a Norwegian channel on YouTube explains that it is much tougher to move in water compared to the air. This is because the molecules of water are much more closely packed compared to molecules of air. Wahl put his body on the line in order to prove this as he fired a weapon on himself underwater.

Producers captured the video in slow motion so that the effect of the water resistance could be clearly demonstrated. Compared to its behavior in the air where it would slice through the body, the bullet significantly slowed down and finally came to a halt prior to dropping on the floor of the pool. You might begin to wonder what happens to the bubbles in the water that form as a result of the bullet traveling through the water. The video in slow motion fittingly answers that for you.

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