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This Paper Explodes If You Fold It More Than Seven Times, Here’s Why


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Seven folds has been a limit pronounced for paper. Some inquirers event went further and experimented with different types of paper, a few ended up in creating equations about it. However, the most shocking of such episodes was the hydraulic press experiment done by the “Hydraulic Press Channel” which ended in an explosion.

The YouTubers at Hydraulic press channel perform experiments with hydraulic press. This time they tried it with an A3 size paper. They folded the paper very neatly and reached seven folds. As soon as the eight fold was pressed upon: explosion erupted. Pieces fell off from the paper as if it was a brittle chalk. But why? Here’s the explanation.

The explosion could have taken place because of two reasons. Firstly, and it has been proved by experiments, the thickness of the paper increases exponentially with every fold. It means that thickness of the paper doubles in the first fold, quadruples in the second and so on. If folded 23 times, its thickness can increase up to a kilometer. Increase in thickness makes it harder to fold the paper further. Hydraulic exerts incredible pressure on the paper. On the eighth fold, the press slides forward which might have sounded like an explosion.

Another reason of the explosion might be the breakage of Calcium Carbonate crystals under immense pressure. The compound is added in the paper during manufacturing process. It has strong bonds between its molecules. Sudden breakage of strong bond might have created the sound of explosion.

In 2002 Brittany Gallivan performed an experiment by folding tissue paper and devised the “Paper Folding Theorem” .The theorem states that the maximum number of folds a paper can achieve depend upon its thickness and length.

Folding a paper, nevertheless is an arduous task and this particular experiment has confirmed it.

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