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This Is What You Need To Have A Happier and Healthier Life, According To Harvard Researcher


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Robert Waldinger is a psychiatrist from Harvard who became only the fourth person to run the Grant Study back in 2003. The psychiatrist recently delivered a Ted Talk on the subject which was watched over 6.5 million times since November this past year.

Robert Waldinger

The Grant Study is a project that has spanned decades and started off in 1938, covering the minutest aspects of the lives of President John F. Kennedy and Ben Bradlee. The research was amalgamated with another study which followed a group of young men from Boston tenements in 1970s. This has enabled the researchers to compare upbringings as well as social statuses. Though, each of the participants happens to be a white male. The emotional and physical health of men continues to be assessed over a period of time.

This explains why genetic testing has now taken center stage. It is no surprise that the healthiest and happiest participants in the two classes happened to be those who had established intimate bonds within themselves. Waldinger belongs to Iowa and used to go to Harvard for undergrad. Given that he studied relationships in his entire career, he never let go of it. Infact, this greatly helped him add to the study. All the people who happen to be satisfied in the relationships they have happen to be obviously happier and healthier.

Waldinger went on to state the importance of this: “People who are more isolated than they want to be from others find that they are less happy, their health declines earlier in midlife, their brain functioning declines sooner and they live shorter lives than people who are not lonely. And good, close relationships seem to buffer us from some of the slings and arrows of getting old.”

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