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This Is What One Drink Of Soda Does To Your Body


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The world’s leading manufacturers of soft drinks, Pepsi and Coca Cola are among the biggest companies in the world and it’s because the world consumes millions of liters of ‘pop’ a day. In the US, a person drinks 57 gallons of soft drinks a year. Now that sounds like an addiction. And like any addiction it’s bad for you. So let me break it down for you.

As soon as you guzzle soda down, the pancreas releases insulin (a hormone) to digest the excessive sugar in the soda and release it in to the bloodstream. When sugar levels spike, your liver releases glucagon (a sort of anti insulin) to store the extra sugar as fat.

After 45 minutes of you dumping a 30 ounce glass into your body, all the caffeine in the soda is absorbed in to your body. As a result the pupils dilate and blood pressure rises. The brain also produces dopamine, activating the pleasure centers, like cheap cocaine.


Like an addiction, you start craving more after an hour and you reach for more soda or for a sugary snack. As a result, Harvard researchers have discovered that the risk of obesity is increased 1.6 times by the consumption of soft drinks.

Moreover, 40,000 adult men who consumed soda/sugary drinks daily were monitored for twenty years and it was found that they ran a 20% greater risk of a heart attack than non drinkers. The corn syrup substitute for cane sugar in soda has been linked to metabolic syndrome that leads to heart disease and diabetes.

Beverage companies know this, and hence they spend billions each year to convince people of all ages to sip or guzzle while they chomp down on pizzas, burgers, chicken; you name it! It’s a shame because kids who become regular soda drinkers run an 80% higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes than non drinkers. So please, for your own sake and for your children’s sake, don’t drink up.

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  1. Hector Javier Rodriguez Gonzalez

    Gracias por el artículo que es muy importante para la salud de todos. Les entero que es más sencillo leerlo en Inglés, porque 1)la traducción es confusa. Por ejemplo, al final se lee “por el bien de sus hijos, no beba para arriba”, debiendo ser “no beba demasiado” o “no beba mucho”. y 2) la tabla gráfica donde vienen las enfermedades que produce el refresco, no muestra traducción, viene en Inglés….Les agradezco el artículo, pero quiero comentarles que está muy bien elaborado, pero para que sea +optimamente beneficioso, requiere revisarse el servicio de traducción utilizado. Gracias.

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