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This Is What Earth Would Look Like If Fossil Fuel, Nuclear And Renewable Resources Were All Turned Off One By One


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There seems to be lots of chat about steering away from resources such as gas, oil and coal in exchange for renewable forms of energy sources. Though, it is not easy to imagine how well this has progressed and what the possible repercussions this move would actually have. A financial comparison service by the name of Go Compare has created a bunch of maps which demonstrate the sources of power for each country and shows its dependence on various sources of energy.

fossil fuels

For the purpose of reference, one can easily notice that regions in the Middle East like Yemen, Jordan, Oman and Saudi Arabia are solely reliant on fossil fuels. On the contrary, countries like Norway and Brazil are known to have a great percentage of energy derived from renewable sources of energy. Countries such as South Korea and France share 72 and 74 percent each in terms of their energy being fueled by nuclear power.

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