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This Hypersonic Jet Promises To Fly From New York To London In 11 Minutes


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Think of a 10 seater private jet which can use rocket boosters for taking off and detaches them when it reaches an altitude of 12 kilometers. In addition, it can fire the supersonic engines so as to achieve a speed of Mach 24 which can get one from London to New York in merely 11 minutes. That is basically the concept that has led to Antipode which is a next-gen concept jet introduced by Charles Bombardier, a Canadian engineer and inventor. The concept follows a few months following the unveiling of designs for Skreemr by Bombardier. Just so you know, it is a four winged scramjet that fly at a speed as high as Mach 10 while carrying as many as 75 passengers at a time.

As reported earlier combusting liquid oxygen powers the scramjet systems. Similar to typical propulsion systems, these carry liquid oxygen onboard and make use of the oxygen that comes from the atmosphere. As a result, the plane weighs a lot lighter and travels much faster. The scramjets have to travel quicker than the speed of sound, which is approximately Mach 4, for it to compress the oxygen from the atmosphere without any need of moving parts. Ofcourse, this is something that passenger planes have not yet been able to manage. The maximum that Concorde once achieved was Mach 2 but nothing more than that.

In case you did not know, even NASA has not been able to design a scramjet system. It goes without saying this will prove to be extremely nerve wracking for passengers who will be zipped through the sky at speeds of 20,000 km/h. Bombardier believes that he can provide a fix to a problem which involves coming up with a way to make sure the nose and wings of the passenger plane do not overheat as it travels at such high speeds. He has demonstrated the solution with Antipode hypersonic jet concept.

To begin with, Antipode launches in the air with the help of two rocket boosters attached to the wings. As soon as the jet attains altitudes of 12 kilometers and speed of Mach 5, the rocket booster drop to the base. Subsequently, the onboard computer fires the combustion ramjet engine which leads to the plane accelerating to the point that it reaches Mach 24.

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