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This 40-year-old Man Is Trapped In A Child’s Body


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Nicky Freeman was born with multiple disabilities. He only began speaking when he turned two and did not play with any toys. When doctors examined him, they saw that his pituitary gland was undeveloped and the reason he didn’t want any toys was that he was blind. They found out that he had a rare disability that only let his body age one year, after four years. At 16 he had the bone structure of a four year old. University of Washington Medical Professor David Ravine said he had never seen anything like it in his 22 year career.Nicky Freeman, man trapped in child's body, 40 year old man 10 year old body, man in child's body, science news, latest science news

As a toddler Nicky had to cope with the swelling of his brain and so he wouldn’t eat for days at a time. He also couldn’t stand loud noise because his hearing was affected. Doctors tried to ease his pain by draining the fluid in his brain but the process proved fruitless because his brain was absorbing the fluid and it left Mr Freeman traumatized so that he didn’t talk, walk or eat for almost six months according to his mother, Mrs. Kayleen Freeman. He never talked again.

Kayleen was told very early on that her son would not live very long and she thinks that his disabilities originate from anti-histamine medication she took for allergies during her pregnancy. She says that because of it, five other women had spontaneous abortions in Esperance and one had a child with a disability.

Mrs. Freeman wonders if he will outlive the average lifespan by four times as well. Maybe he will go on to be 280 years old if he actually lives to be 70. Mr. Freeman enjoys horse riding and travel and has persevered despite all odds.

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