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These Nanorobots Can Swim Through Blood To Deliver Drugs


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The idea of transporting medicine to the human body through Nanobots has been around for a while now. I remember watching episodes of Iron Man and Dexter’s Laboratory in the 90s that featured nano ships that traversed the vastness of the human body with the titular characters inside them. 

The American Chemical Society Publication ‘Nano Letters’ has published that nano swimmer robots that can swim through fluids thicker than blood have been developed by Mechanical Engineer Bradley J. Nelson, Salvadore Pane PhD. in Chemistry and Yizhar Or PhD. Mechanical Engineering at ETH Zurich.

The robots have the ability to effectively swim through fluids that are even thicker than blood and efficiently transport medicine to cells. The researchers strung together three links in a chain, one of polymer and two of magnetic and metallic polymer and applied an oscillating magnetic field. This resulted in the object spinning in an S like direction and wave like motion and moved at about one body length per second.

The direction of the magnetic field also influenced the direction of flow for the objects. The researchers recognized the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme, the European Science Council and the Israel Science Foundation as sponsors for this research.

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