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The Clinically Dead Might Have A Chance To Live Again Thanks To A Biotech Company


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Being brain dead or clinically dead is a tragic medical condition; the patients who have been declared brain dead can only survive with the help of machines. These machines have to take care of things like breathing and blood circulation – some of the most basic functions that the brain handles. Now a biotechnology company – Bioquark Inc.- is spearheading the effort to resurrect such patients.


Bioquark Inc., a US based company, has been granted the permission to perform an unprecedented medical trial on 20 patients that have been declared brain dead. The trial will take place at Anupam Hospital in Rudrapur, India for six weeks. The Bioquark Inc. team plans to administer 4 types of treatments:

  1. Daily injections of peptides into the spinal cord.
  2. Biweekly injecting stem cells in to the brain directly.
  3. Trans-cranial laser therapy: a treatment which is non-invasive in nature and relies on light to activate the natural recovery processes that the body has.
  4. Nerve stimulation: a treatment that delivers electrical impulses to the median nerve of the upper limb.

Once the trial is completed, the researchers will observe the respiration, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation and pulse of the patients for several months. The team is hopeful that they will be see the results in two to three months after the trial has been completed.

“Full recovery of the clinically dead patients- that’s the goal that we have in mind. However, in the initial stages, this study aims to find out whether that is possible or not and how it can be achieved. “, commented the founder of Bioquark Inc., Ira Pastor.

While this study seems something straight out of science fiction it would be wonderful to see the treatments that company has outlined actually working. Is everything goes as promised, it will definitely be a new beginning for the patients and their families.

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