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This 84-Year-Old Woman Refused To Sell Her Home For Million Dollars, Forced Shopping Mall To Build Around It


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If you’ve ever seen Pixar’s UP, you’ll be surprised and overjoyed to know that Edith Macefield was the inspiration for Carl Fredricksen. She was an 84 year old in 2006 when “the man” came to offer her a million dollars to move out of her home. They were going to build a shopping mall here. And of course she said no.


The shopping mall was built but it was crafted so that it didn’t intrude the space of Edith’s home. UP was inspired in part by this brave woman. Sadly she passed away in 2008 but she had one more surprise left. She left her home to Barry Martin, the construction chief on the adjacent site. He had been driving her to doctors appointments ever since she had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. This left her emotionally touched and she handed the home over to him.


Mr. Martin originally planned to turn the home in to a memorial but never went through with it. He sold the home to a real estate company called Reach Returns (now Cor Company). Reach Returns fixed up the walls and replaced the windows but the repairs came to a halt when the scheme collapsed and the investors saw their funds go up in flame.


The house has been reclaimed by lenders and sits in its original position with a price tag of $170,000. Yet no one touched it for a long time since the lien taxes were around $300,000! The house was relisted again and is available now to the highest bidder.


The house is often adorned with balloons in memory of Edith Macefield and sits tucked between corporate buildings.

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