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Teenager Invents System To Stop Germs From Traveling On Planes


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Raymond Wang is a 17 year old boy who seems to have figured out the way germs travel on airplanes. Not only that, but the boy has worked out the means of preventing such annoying occurrences. At the recent TED, the teenager states how he managed to design computer simulations in order to demonstrate how germs moved around airplanes at different speeds. Wang mentioned that pathogens are able to travel from one passenger to another passenger with the air being pumped across the plane’s cabin.

The airborne diseases which can spread by these methods include, but are not restricted to, bird flu, SARS as well as Ebola. These deadly diseases have led to many international emergencies in the recent past. However, Wang believes that the design he has proposed can assist in limiting the spread of these diseases in flight. Speaking of the design, Wang manufactured a device that is basically a little fan that recirculates air from the plane’s cabin instead of pumping stale air in the cabin.

Wang said that this interest of his developed when he heard of the Ebola outbreak in 2015. He began to look at case studies that explained the way in which germs were spreading. This included an incident whereby a a man suffering from bird flu led to 17 other passengers being infected during the flight. Wang mentioned that the reason for this is that air mixes in the middle of the cabin despite some of it being filtered during the flight.

He went on to state that air continues to swirl more than one times when a person sneezes. Thus, it takes a while for the air to exit the filter. Wang claims that the filters in his fan is capable of making personalized breathing zones. This is expected to enhance the process of air travel, quite significantly. As a result, it does not matter if passengers sit close to the window or simply in the aisle. Finally, Wang believes that this design can be implemented in no time and promises to save countless lives.

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