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You Can Stop Your Laptop From Overheating By Stacking Copper Coins On It


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Most of us have experienced the agony of an annoyingly hot computer system while we are busy exploring a spooky dungeon in an RPG game or while binge watching Game of Thrones. Ofcourse, it does not take long before the computer starts to make buzzing sounds as the fans go full speed and the system begins to burn human skin. Don’t be so glum; a Twitter user from Japan recently introduced a quick fix to this issue. All you have to do is stack copper coins on your computer system in order to help bring down its temperature, courtesy of thermodynamics.


Alright, you can stop scratching your head now. This is basically how the whole process works: understand that the Macbook Pro (with Retina display) can reach significantly high temperatures when its limits are pushed. A Japanese website called IT media used thermodynamic scanning to demonstrate that heat within a computer system is focused to the back of the system which is quite noticeable when you have a laptop resting in your lap. As far as akinori_suzuki is concerned, he stacked 10 Yen coins on top of a laptop system in an attempt to demonstrate this awesome fix.

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This is interesting given the fact that copper is a better thermal conductor than plastic and aluminium. Hopefully, you realize that most laptops are made out of either of those materials. The application of the law of thermodynamics in this case means that so long as the copper coins are cooler than the laptop, they would soak up the heat from the system. Ofcourse, people on the internet who came across this news decided to give the idea a try. The images that followed helped clarify that this trick is not restricted to laptops; it works equally well on desktop towers. Beware; though, none of this has been tried in a proper experiment so there’s the safety of your computer is not fully guaranteed.

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