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Scientists Have Invented The Sonic Screwdriver And Levitation Gauntlets From Doctor Who


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If you have been a die hard follower of the classic TV show Doctor Who, you would be pleased to learn that scientists recently invented a sonic screwdriver that actually works. The technique employs a number of different sound waves which pin objects in one place while they are air-borne. In making this, they were able to manufacture a Gauntlet of Levitation. This can rotate various objects with no need for any physical contact whatsoever.

Sonic screwdriver, sonic screwdriver

Interestingly, this is not the first time that acoustic levitation has been introduced. One example is a study conducted back in 2006 whereby linearly focused waves were employed in an attempt to lift juvenile fish, ladybugs and ants off the ground. The latest invention now allows people to use a number of different sources of acoustic waves in order to move things from one place to another with an immense level of accuracy. Though, it is important to note that only a handful of tiny objects can be moved with the help of this new piece of tech.

The research group has suggested that this technology can be employed in order to manipulate various particles along with drug capsules within the human body. They also went on to state that it would let people tinker with cells, compounds and liquids without running the risk of contaminating them. In addition, this new invention may have applications in tangible displays, container-less handling and tractor beams. It is a well known fact that vigorous sound waves have the ability to move objects from one place to another, which explains the multiple applications.

Only time will tell how well and how far this innovation will go as we move forward.

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