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This Photo Of Shiny Legs Is Driving The Internet Crazy Like #TheDress


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Do you remember the old blue-black, gold-white dress debate? Well, if that drove the internet crazy, there’s a new one that will at least equal its fury. It’s a picture of someone’s legs that look like plastic doll legs but are actually human legs with white paint strategically placed on them to give that illusion. Now that last part is partially untrue. The paint wasn’t strategically placed there at all. On the contrary, those are just random streaks of paint that even a child could produce. But as chance would have it, they’ve done something that is completely random and generates an optical illusion.

Instagram user Hunter Culverhouse posted this picture on his account. It baffled the internet and by his own admission it was by accident.

“I had some white paint left on my brush and put random lines on my legs, turned out to be a completely confusing picture for everyone on the internet,”

It’s testament to the fact that our brains are more than receptors of information but also interpreters. The more you focus on the image, the more you can get the sense of the white paint but the smaller the picture is, the more it gives the appearance of shiny legs. It just goes to show how a different perspective can change the meaning of a scene indefinitely.

There’s a lot of talk on how computers and robots are being made more and more intelligent at perceiving and remembering faces via face recognition. But they’re still a long way off from perfection or at least, the level of finesse of the human eye. But events like these show how our human eyes can be bad receptors as well.

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