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What Happens When You Shine A Laser At The Blackest Material In Existence


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It’s called Vantablack, the latest material that is supposed to be the darkest ever created. Apparently, it’s so dark that when scientists try to measure how dark it is, they can not. Why? Because any source of light used to measure its light-absorbing properties, disappears into its murky depths.

Shining a laser on to Vantablack makes it disappear. In a spooky action mirroring the properties of a black hole, Vantablack eats light whole and it can’t escape. The material is made of carbon nanotubes much thinner than a human hair. This new version of the material is more black than the previous one designed in 2014 which absorbed 99.96% of light shone on it. For this one however, that value can’t even be measured; it’s that black.

It’s not being mass produced currently but it could be used for masking qualities for aircraft and combat suits for night missions etc.

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