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Fascinating Drone Footage Shows 70 Tiger Sharks Feasting On A Whale


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You must have noticed a total of two parts to movie scenes; one being the beautiful one and the other being a terrifying scene. A video demonstrates almost 70 tiger sharks in the idyllic waters of Australia where they rip into a dead humpback whale. This happened last week when tourists noticed the blood filled banquet close to Dirk Hartog Island in Western Australia. The tourists were able to shoot the entire scene on their smartphone with the help of an aerial drone that captured the images.

The cruise company called Eco Abrolhos uploaded the pictures on their official Facebook page which resulted in almost two million views. It is no surprise that the region where this was captured is called the Shark Bay. The Department of Parks and Wildlife from Australia stated that it got its name back in 1699 after the English explorer named William Dampier was ripped to pieces by sharks during his journey. Interestingly, this place is still home to atleast six different species of rays and twenty eight different species of sharks.

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