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Scientists Say Exercise Alone Won’t Make You Lose Weight


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If you happen to be one of those people who spend hours and hours on the treadmill, you might be a bit disappointed to learn that more hours on the treadmill does not necessarily mean better weight loss. A research conducted recently explains why this is the case. Scientists reveal the fact that the human body eventually adapt to greater levels of activity and seize the process of burning calories. Once people get to this stage, they break their resolution to workout. People have to consider the oldschool energy in against energy out concept in this case.

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In case you are contemplating cancelling membership for your local gym, you might want to hold your horses. The research reveals that exercise done at an extreme level of activity causes the body to seize the process of burning additional calories. It is no surprise that the advantages of exercise are not restricted to weight loss. Herman Pontzer is the lead researcher who explained that exercise is extremely crucial for the body. He went on to say that lots of evidence suggests that exercise keep the body and mind healthy. The research only adds diet to the essentials of weight loss that must complement exercise.

In addition, the research contradicts many other studies pertinent to weight loss. Some studies suggest that as levels of exercise increase, more calories are burned as a result. Pontzer supervised the energy expenditure and levels of activity of over 332 people who reside in five different countries across North America and Africa. The exercise concluded that regular physical activity results in weaker influence on the calories burned over time. However, this only happens up to a particular point of activity.

This implies that people who exercise beyond moderate level of activity burn nearly two hundred calories more than other people who do not. However, people who exceed that level of activity do not burn any more calories. People who are physically active burn the same number of calories as those who are moderately active. Pontzer believes that people must meet the sweet spot if they are to be physically active. Too little and one could get unhealthy, but too much would be a waste of time and effort.

The team of researchers is set to look into how the human body can adapt to additional amount of exercise without burning any more calories. Meanwhile, you might want to closely examine the diet plans you follow. Remember that complementing the exercise with the right kind of diet plan would keep you in good shape.

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