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Scientists Discover Matrix Like Method To ‘Upload Knowledge To Your Brain’


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Scientists are of the view that feeding knowledge in one’s brain, similar to how it is demonstrated in The Matrix, will merely be a case of going to sleep. They claim that they have made a simulator that is able to feed data in one’s brain. As a result, it can teach people a fresh set of skills much more quickly. Researchers at HRL Laboratories firmly believe that this would mark the first step towards advanced software which can make The Matrix a reality.

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For those who require more context, the movie shows protagonist Neo who is able to come to grips with kung fu in a matter of seconds once martial arts is uploaded to Neo’s brain. The researchers mentioned that they have come up with means to expedite the process of learning. They worked hard on studying electric signals in the brain of a pilot which are subsequently transmitted in the subject’s brain of the study.  The research has now been published in a journal called Frontiers in Human Neuroscience.

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The conclusion of the study is that subjects of the study who underwent brain stimulation, with the help of head caps embedded with electrodes, experienced enhanced piloting capabilities. Infact, they were able to understand and retain the process better by as much as 33 percent compared to a placebo group. Dr. Matthew Phillips likes to think of it as a brain stimulation system. This may give you the impression that this has something to do with science fiction.

The concept behind all this is that the human brain undergoes change when a person learns something. There are some particular postulates of the brain such as memory and speech which are situated in particular parts of the brain. The brain targets such regions of the brain as people learn.

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