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Science Says If You Are An Optimist, You’ll Be Late For Everything


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Have you ever just looked at the clock before leaving for your destination and though, “there’s plenty of time left, I’ll make it” and then proceeded to stall for about 15 minutes until you have just enough time to make it. But of course you end up being late. Well it turns out that it has to do with your nature, because people who are generally optimistic tend to be late.

Management consultant Diana DeLonzor states that there has been little research done on tardiness but that a prevailing theory is that people who are always late are hard wired to be late. It doesn’t have to do with their ability to care about punctuality, it’s just that they always remain optimistic that they’ll have enough time to make it, no matter how much time is left.

So don’t worry, you aren’t a slob, you’re just made that way.

That being said, there are added benefits to being wired to be late such as being inherently hopeful about things. Even though people who are always late don’t meet deadlines as effectively, they always remain hopeful that they will and that gives them a boost to do so.

This hope reduces stress, strengthens your immune system and lessens the risk of cardiovascular disease. This leads to an over all longer lifespan as well.

Optimism also leads to greater productivity, creativity and cooperation at the workplace leading to breakthroughs and ideas that would otherwise escape thought.

Research done at San Diego Star University has linked lateness to Type B or more laid back personalities that don’t sweat over the small stuff and look at the big picture to deliver more results.

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