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23 Science Facts We Discovered in 2016


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2016 has been a great year for science. In a year so marred by negativity, it’s nice to see that the search for the fundamentals of life and the universe was not affected. We found out some pretty cool and some pretty incredible stuff this year.

  1. We found out Gravitational Waves exist. Einstein predicted them in 1916 with this General Theory of Relativity and was proved right against all odds a century later. That has got to be the most savage mic drop in history.
  2. We found out Sloths almost die each time they defecate. And it’s really agonizing.
  3. We found it is possible to live without your heart for more than a year. This story got a lot of buzz. A 25 year old man waiting for a hear transplant, carried around an artificial heart in his backpack for a year. Nothing short of a medical miracle.
  4. A French man was found to be living a normal life without having 90% of a normal brain. He just had a lot of fluid and a layer of thin tissue. That’s downright baffling. No scientist knows what to make of it.
  5. New, strange, metallic sounds are coming from the Mariana Trench. Scientists think it might be a baleen whale call.
  6. A nuclear fusion machine in Germany is found to really work and could be the key to a limitless supply of clean energy in the future.
  7. We found an earth like planet in the Alpha Centauri system, 4.2 light years away from earth. Scientists are already planning to visit it.
  8. Earth has a second moon! What?! Well, it’s technically an asteroid that’s locked in earth orbit. Yes, it’s called 2016 HO3.
  9. There maybe a ninth planet in our solar system, and it’s not Pluto. It’s past Neptune with a highly elliptical orbit, that takes 10,000 to 20,000 years to complete.
  10. Da Vinci’s irreverent scribbles were found to contain the first record of the laws of friction. Renaissance Man indeed.
  11. The Zika Virus is able to spread sexually and was found to contain microcephaly in babies.
  12. Crows have really big ears. And they’re creepy. I already hate crows so it only makes me hate them more.
  13. The largest known prime number was calculated to be 274,207,281– 1. It’s 22 million digits longer than the second largest prime number. And the one larger than that will be even larger.
  14. The North Pole is slowly shifting towards London, due to the shifting water content and Global Warming.
  15. Earth lost enough sea ice this year to cover the whole land mass of India.
  16. Artificial Intelligence can beat a human at Go.
  17. Tardigrades or “water bears” are tiny organisms that are so indestructible that they can survive the vacuum of space, radiation and can protect their DNA from damage.
  18. There are two liquid states of water.
  19. Pear shaped atomic nuclei were discovered. And because of them, we may never time travel.
  20. Dinosaurs had tail feathers.
  21. One third of the planet earth can’t see the Milky Way from where they live.
  22. There is 1.5 billion cubic meters of helium gas in Tanzania.
  23. NASA produced an EM drive that can propel you in to space. Even they don’t know how it works.

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1 Comment to 23 Science Facts We Discovered in 2016

  1. Peter Laska

    There’s a typo or error in #11.
    Zika does not CONTAIN microencephaly – it CAUSES microencephaly.
    Microencephaly is the name of a condition NOT the name of something the virus or mosquito carries.

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