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Here’s All The Science That Trump Denies


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If you’re voting for Donald Trump already, this might not sway you but it says something about a nominee from a major political party that denies so much established science. It’s not a matter of opinion, this is established fact and your life may depend on the decisions that this candidate makes.

  1. Climate Change: Global Warming has been rejected by the Republican Party at large. But only a moron could be oblivious to it. Just look at the fact that there is more Carbon Dioxide on the planet than ever before in the history of the planet since humans have been alive. Just look at the fact that the North Pole is losing so much ice. Just look at the fact that the previous year was the hottest on record. And no, bringing a snowball in to Congress doesn’t debunk Climate Change, you dimwit.
    Trump has said that Global Warming is a hoax invented by China and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t believe that himself. But people, you’re going to be slapping yourselves hard once you realize you elected someone who didn’t believe in the most pressing issue of our times.
  2. The Environment: Donald Trump said he would cut the “Department of Environmental” on Fox News. Now, he was obviously referring to the EPA. But forget that this is a blunder akin to what cost Governor Rick Perry the Republican Nomination in the last election. Cutting the EPA would be disastrous. Regulations on industries to cut emissions and to not dump their waste in rivers is paramount. Trump would also restart work on the Keystone Pipeline and he’s spoken well of fracking before. Unless you want America to end up like Beijing where people have gotten used to wearing masks to go outside, don’t vote Trump.
  3. Vaccinations: Trump believes that vaccines cause autism.
    “People that work for me, just the other day, two years old, beautiful child went to have the vaccine and came back and a week later, got a tremendous fever, got very, very sick, now is autistic.”
    Now this has thoroughly been debunked over and over, but people like former Playboy Bunny Jenny McCarthy and Republicans like Michelle Bachmann have brought up the issue so that the public has become divided on the issue. And you know what that did? It brought back measles in America. Anti vaccination movements can actually bring back diseases that have been conquered and wiped out.
  4. NASA: Trump has said that he thinks there’s too much money going in to space exploration and that we have bigger problems. While I would tend to agree with the latter, there’s no objective evidence for it. NASA’s budget is four tenths of one percent of the Annual US Budget. And historically, whenever the US has invested in space exploration, scientific breakthroughs have come about. Winning the Space Race is what truly made the US a world superpower.

Trump is very ignorant of facts, that much is clear but he also is resistant to them. So please, make the right choice next week and don’t vote for him.

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