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Experts Warn San Andreas Fault ‘Locked, Loaded and Ready To Roll’ With Massive Earthquake


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The fault in San Andreas has been silent for quite a while now. This means that it is expected to experience a massive earthquake in the near future, as predicted by a renowned geoscientist. He went on to issue a warning to the state for an earthquake as forceful as magnitude 8.0. The director of Southern California Earthquake Centre stated that the springs on San Andreas system are wound extremely tightly. Specifically, the southern fault seems like it could get an earthquake any time now.


The reason behind this concern is the movement of the Pacific plate northwest of the North American plate at a pace of 16 feet after every 100 years. This is starting to build tension across the San Andreas fault line which has to be regularly relieved. Back in 1857, California saw an earthquake of magnitude 7.9 that jolted nearly 185 miles between the Gabriel Mountains and Monterey County. If you come south, the regions of the fault line have remained silent for an even longer period of time. This includes areas such as San Bernardino and areas close to Salton Sea which remained silent since 1812 and 1600s.

All in all, this much tension in California is a genuine cause of concern at the moment. The team of researchers discovered last year that there is a seven percent chance of the state experiencing another magnitude 8.0 earthquake within the next thirty years. While Los Angeles does not lie on the same fault line, it is expected to experience the jolts as well according to the simulations. They suggest that the shaking could continue for almost two minutes with regions such as Antelope Valley, Inland Empire and Coachella Valley experiencing the strongest activity.

Jordan showed some appreciation for the earthquake retrofit buildings in Los Angeles. Though, he still warned the rest of LA to be ready for a big jolt.

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