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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Sets Fire To A Jeep Days After Recall Is Announced


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A Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has set fire to a Jeep Grand Cherokee. The incident happened in St. Petersburg to a Mr. Nathan Dornacher who was at a yard sale with his wife and daughter. Nathan had left his Note 7 to charge in the Jeep. When he told his 8 year old daughter to go back to the jeep so they could go home, she pointed out that it was in flames.

The interior of the jeep has been destroyed. The seat covers are melted and the windshield is broken. It looks like a small bomb exploded inside. A spokesperson from Samsung said that they were doing everything they could to help Mr. Dornacher. Giving him money to fix up his car would be nice. The spokesperson also urged everyone who had a Note 7 to participate in the Product Exchange Program launched on the Friday of last week to make sure their phone is fire proofed.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been in the news a lot lately because it explodes and catches fire. Samsung has initiated a recall for all 2.5 million sets shipped even though by its calculations, 1 in 42,000 phones has the problem. By that logic, only 48 phones out of all of them would have that problem. But cases just keep popping up. Over 30 incidents including the jeep fire have already been reported. And since anecdotal evidence is much more powerful than statistics, the recall is all the more necessary. This will cost Samsung a billion dollars, its total earnings for the first financial quarter this year.

Samsung is in even deeper trouble because the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have just been released. Apple’s stocks will outdo Samsung by a large margin if this problem isn’t solved quickly. Samsung was having a great year with its S7 and S7 Edge phones but they couldn’t quite keep that up.

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