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Revolutionary Breast Cancer Treatment Will Destroy Tumors In Just 11 Days


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The most common type of cancer among woman across developed as well as developing countries is undoubtedly Breast cancer. The best means of increasing the rate of survival for those who suffer from this disease is to detect it early. Inspite of the fact that medical science has advanced over the years, more than half a million women passed away due to breast cancer. A fresh research at European Breast Cancer Conference concluded that breast cancer can be eradicated within merely eleven days.


This trial was conducted with the motive to study the effects of Lapatinib and Hercepti, which happen to be a couple of drugs that are typically used with a specific kind of breast cancer treatment. These drugs focus on HER2, which is a protein that accounts for the growth of specific sorts of breast cancer. A total of 257 women who tested positive for HER2 received a combination of these following their diagnosis. Interestingly, eleven percent of these cancer vanished in merely a couple of weeks. Moreover, 17 percent of these cases experienced tumors that significantly shrunk.

The common treatment of chemotherapy is infamous for the side effects associated with it. It induces side effects such as vomiting, fatigue, poor cognitive characteristics and hair loss. It may consume as much as many months to finish. Infact, it may still never be able to cure the patients. In light of these facts, this new revelation could lead to various patients not requiring any chemotherapy or even any surgery.

The chief of a charity in the U.K., Breast Cancer Care, Samia al Qadhi mentioned that the study is still in early stages. She went on to state that the licensing of Herceptin is is offered for use with chemotherapy; not on its own. However, patients must have the freedom to choose clinically effective treatment if they so desire. Only time will tell how effective this actually turns out to be.

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