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Here’s A Proof of Evolution That You Can Find On Your Own Body


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You may or may not be able to relate to the fact that the human body is a museum and comprised of ancient relics which are no more required. Everything ranging from the wisdom teeth to the way a person is able to wiggle the ears actually reflects what the ancestors required for survival. Vox made a video that explained that all of these things fall well within the framework of evolution.


You could try an exercise for yourself right now. Hold out your arm, touch the thumb with your little finger and you will notice a raised tendon in the center of the wrist. In case that does not happen, you may consider yourself special since you fall within 15 percent of the human beings who are born without this feature. Just so you know, this tendon connects to a muscle called Palmaris Longus.

Research now reveals that this muscle in the forearms does not offer an enhanced grip or any special powers. As a matter of fact, it is so pointless that many surgeons often remove it only to use it for the purpose of plastic surgery procedures performed on other parts of the body. That raises the million dollar question about whether or not this muscle is really useless. Scientists claim that the muscle is most developed in mammals like monkeys and lemurs that use forearms to move about.

There is another anomaly that you could consider. Can you manipulate three muscles close to the base of your ear in order to make them slightly wriggle? This is another demonstration of how an evolutionary remain has moved from an important equipment for the animal ancestors to a useless feature. Vox reports that humans not only retain these muscles but they even react to sound. The response is not so strong as to make the ears move but they seem to give it their best shot.

[Source: Vox]

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