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CV of Failures: Princeton Psychology Professor Publishes Resume Stating His Career Lows


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You need a well-crafted resume when you are out on a job hunt. There are a number of great online guides that will help you stand apart from the rest in this regard. You would think that you would not list your failures on that CV, right? It turns out that a professor from Princeton University ended up doing exactly that earlier this week. To be fair to him, it is an option we should all be open to.

Johannes Haushofer is a Professor of psychology and public affairs who listed his failures in the CV for his students a few years back. However, he uploaded the document with the hope of attracting the online audience with his innovative idea of owning the failures in life. Guess what, this CV of failures has gone viral in no time. The CV dates back to the late ‘90s as it details all academic rejection letters, failed scholarship applications and declined job positions.

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It is understandable that the failures of a Professor have got a lot more attention in comparison to his successes. Actually, there is a scientific reason that backs this seemingly unusual trend. To begin with, we are already aware of the successes and failures in our lives and that of our friends and family. Though, it is not easy to imagine that people that we know professionally would have undergone experiences similar to ours.

No wonder Haushofer does not believe he is the only academic person who is of this view. His original list of failures was actually based on a paper by Melanie Stefan from University of Edinburgh. That paper also claimed pretty much the same concept about a CV of failures helping people acknowledge that failure is only part of one’s life and not something to be ashamed of.

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