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Please Do NOT Set Your iPhone’s Date Back To 1970, Here’s Why


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There is one post on the internet that has recently been going viral of late which has encouraged many folks to establish the date for iPhone for 1970. Though, the change of date has given rise to a new glitch which apparently brick the phone. This glitch only arises if one sets the date to January 1, 1970 in the settings for date and time. Once you wind back the clock before restarting the device, it can make the device unstable. Hopefully, you would not be too curious to try it for yourself.

iPhone myth

It may seem like this is a bug that had been noticed quite a while ago but the awareness regarding this glitch along with the issues associated with it have taken the internet by surprise as they lend an inaccurate picture. The image shared in this post first popped up on 4chan which mimics the appearance of the advertising material by Apple. Moreover, it bears the requests by people for changing the date on the devices and restart itself as it promises wild ride. All of this should eventually results in an Easter egg in shape of the Apple logo from the 70s. Sadly, that is not what actually happens; instead, the iPhone goes bust.

Reports suggest that the device becomes a chunk of waste due to which it can’t be restored using iTunes. The employees at Apple Store have not been able to resolve the issue which means that the iPhone owner must buy a new phone. In case you are a proud owner of an iPod or iPad that run atleast iOS 8, you might not be happy to hear that you are also in trouble. The glitch even extends to relatively new devices such as Apple iPhone 5S, iPad mini 2 and iPad Air.

The question that arises is why this glitch bricks one’s iPhone to begin with. Apple still has not confirmed this yet but analysts believe that the process of winding back the clock is giving rise to what is known as the integer underflow. As the date is set, there is a possibility of the software attempting to calculate such things as battery life compared to dates that may have fallen prior to what is referred to as Day Zero according to Unix computers. Since Apple has refused to issue any statements to clarify the situation, nobody is fully clear on the subject yet.

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