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Photographer Shoots Angry Lion Photo Moments Before It Charged At Him To Attack


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Atif Saeed is a Pakistani photographer who is a nature enthusiast. Well his enthusiasm took him to terrifyingly new territory recently when he photographed a Lion at Lahore Safari Park, and the Lion pounced!

Silberzacken Peak by Atif Saeed

Silberzacken Peak by Atif Saeed

Atif’s pictures on Facebook and 500px are all about the beauty of nature and it’s many shades and colours. You may find on his Facebook page the breathtaking views of the Chitral Valley or the ‘fleeting moment’, as he puts it, of a bird eating a bee.

“I hope that the images of nature’s beauty which I attempt to restore will affect the viewer the same way it affects me as I capture that fleeting moment in nature.” -Atif Saeed

As for the incident in question Atif recounts that he was a few feet away from the big cat when he took the picture and then ran to his car and drove for his life. The Lion’s expression of rage is evident in the picture and if Atif wouldn’t have gotten away in time he may have been torn to pieces.

angrier lion

He says that he was laughing at the time but now upon further reflection he says that he might not do something so reckless again, as “it was a pretty close encounter”.


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