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Parents Of Successful Kids Have These 13 Golden Rules In Common, According To Science


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There is no denying the fact that every parent wants their kids to grow up to be successful no matter what they do. And now, parents might be able to glean an insight in to how they can make it happen thanks to science.

There are some common factors among the parents of successful kids and science says that those factors are as follows:

  1. Kids have to do some of the chores around the house. Due to this, even at an early age, the kids learn that they will have to do the hard work if they want to accomplish something.
  2. The parents of successful kids inculcate in them the necessary social skills. Having great social skills helps the kids to work together with others and care for them in their adult life.
  3. The parents expect a lot from their kids. Higher expectations from the kids are the reason that they actually perform better than their peers.
  4.  The parents have a healthy, working relationship with one another. The absence of conflict in the family is one of the key reasons that the kids don’t experience stress in their lives.
  5. Successful kids have parents who have attained higher education. Kids in such families have not one, but two role models to look up to and follow in their footsteps.
  6. The parents teach their kids mathematics at an early age. This not only makes the kids smarter in mathematics but it also improves their reading skills.
  7.  The parents of successful kids invest in their kids emotionally. This emotional nurturing that these kids receive makes them better at relationships and they also do better academically.
  8. Parents that are less stressed raise successful kids. The reason for that is that the happiness and enthusiasm that the parents show and have (as opposed to the stress) can transfer to their children which can help them grow.
  9. Successful kids learn from an early age that trying is more important than succeeding and their parents play a big role in developing this attitude.
  10. Working mothers raise successful kids. They not only teach their kids time management but they also inspire them to do more.
  11. It is an unfortunate reality that the kids of those who have a higher socioeconomic status do well in their later life. In fact, they outperform their peers from an early age when they are in school.
  12. The parents who are authoritative in their parenting style i.e. who direct the behavior of their children rationally tend to raise successful kids.
  13. The parents of successful kids teach them the value of perseverance. The kids learn from an early age that shying away from hardships is of no use and this is what helps them overcome hurdles when they are all grown up.

Studies from which these rules are obtained from can help parents all over the world become better parents while making sure that their children grow up to be successful.

[Source: BusinessInsider]

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