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North Korea Leaked Its Tiny Internet To The World, Has Just 28 Websites


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North Korea is one of the strangest nations on Earth. It might just occupy the top spot if such a poll was carried out. It requires its citizens to believe crazy myths about its leaders and the whole nation is closed off from the world, the only communication allowed being crazy press releases about its “Supreme Leader” Kim Jong-un. approved by the tyrannical state. Just yesterday, a Github file dump revealed something about the nation. The size of its Internet. And it’s as crazy as you thought it would be.

The entire nation has only 28 websites. And is it a dull internet. There’s a cooking website, a film site, a flight ticket site, a social sciences website, some educational sites, a North Korean Tourism board webpage and news agencies. There’s also a social network called “Friend“.

north korea leaked dns

You can access these websites but they’ll take a while to open. After all they must not be used to international traffic. GitHub had to say this about the leak:

“On Sept 19, 2016, at approximately 10:00PM (PST), one of North Korea’s top level name servers was accidentally configured to allow global DNS zone transfers. This allows anyone who performs an `AXFR` (zone transfer) request to the country’s `ns2.kptc.kp` nameserver to get a copy of the nation’s top level DNS data.”

north korea leaked dns

The sites are filled with propaganda stuff, especially the news websites. Almost all stories are about Kim Jong-un and about how North Korea considers the US its enemy and how prosperous the nation is.

Imagine being put in to a space with only these websites. We would be bored out of our minds.

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