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New Blood Test Can Diagnose Breast Cancer Five Years In Advance


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Medical Science has succeeded in adding years to our lives to the point that it has raised the average age from 40 something to 75 in the past 150 years. It has also eradicated smallpox and almost eradicated polio and malaria which only persist in a few third world countries. Even the recent bout of Ebola was contained within Africa due to preventative measures.

The next big thing to tackle is obviously cancer, specifically catching it early so it can be cured. Topping that, a group of scientists in Denmark have developed a way to diagnose breast cancer five years before it develops. The method has an 80% accuracy compared to 75% accurate mammography tests that only detect cancer after development. Also, according to a study conducted with 13000 women, 2000 cases of breast cancer go undetected every year in the UK and some women are falsely alerted to the disease.

Part of the problem is the women with dense breast tissue (33% of women) have a greater chance of developing breast cancer and their lumps aren’t picked in mammograms.

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